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Whether you want to learn about a specific regulation within the disposable glove industry or broad based trends, Medisafe has what you’re looking for. We’ve put together a deep and comprehensive compilation of relevant sites and articles to provide you with information on the industry, useful terms, regulations, clinical guidelines and best practices for infection prevention. Go ahead, browse our database. We hope you’ll agree there’s no site that more comprehensively puts all the knowledge of the disposable glove industry at your fingertips.

Industry News

There is always news happening at Medisafe and in the industry. Browse the latest news and industry updates to keep abreast of current trends, market conditions and timely topics of today.


Industry Links

Looking for regulatory US requirements for medical gloves? The testing requirements within the EU? Find these answers and more in Industry Links – your go-to-resource for the most popular regulatory, government, industry, testing and health and safety websites.


Knowledge Center

What is the proper way to don gloves? What are the best gloves for auto painting? Find answers to these and lots more by visiting our extensive collection of international healthcare guidelines, practical end-user glove guides, US and other governmental medical glove regulations, clinical studies and more.



What does AQL mean? How about SAL? Every wonder how to measure Elongation? The disposable glove industry has a number of acronyms and definitions unique to it. End the confusion with a simple and easy glossary of the most common glove terms.