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Polychloroprene: the Most Comfortable Gloves Around. Period

When you want the most comfortable gloves you can wear, choose polychloroprene.  Our customers tell us once worn, no other glove measures up.

Polychloroprene is a synthetic material with a molecular structure closely mirroring Natural Rubber Latex providing the comfort and feel of Latex and the barrier and strength of Nitrile.  Sometimes called by a brand name – neoprene – Polychloroprene is the material of choice where comfort, strength and excellent barrier protection is desired.

Why Choose Polychloroprene?

Keep on reading for the best reasons to choose Polychloroprene gloves.  

Comfort and Fit

Simply put, disposable gloves made from Polychloroprene are the most comfortable gloves you can wear.  Perfect for extended wear, Polychloroprene gloves offer unique and clear advantages over gloves produced with either Natural Rubber or Nitrile. The enhanced comfort of Polychloroprene can be found in its lower modulus when compared to Nitrile. The lower the modulus the softer, more elastic the glove, allowing for a snug, yet extremely comfortable fit that can improve performance, increase dexterity and reduce hand fatigue.


Strength and Durability

You rely on gloves for maximum safety even under extreme stress. Two tests performed to indicate gloves overall strength are tensile strength and elongation. Tensile strength indicates the amount of force, in pounds per square inch, a glove can be stretched to its breaking point, while elongation measures how far a glove stretches before it breaks, expressed as a percentage. The higher the number the greater the strength, stretch ability and overall glove performance. Polychloroprene, due to its similar chemical structure to Natural Rubber, exceeds Nitrile elongation and is just marginally lower than Natural Rubber, a material known for its superior elasticity.


Barrier Resistance

Polychloroprene’s unique properties provide superior barrier resistance in a wide variety of applications and end-uses.  For this reason, Polychloroprene is the choice in disposable gloves for environments where users are exposed to toxic chemicals, corrosive materials, abrasive substances and potentially infectious fluids such as blood.  These benefits are supported by independent laboratory testing to EN and ASTM standards for chemical and chemotherapy permeation in many of our gloves.

When the important factors for glove choice are considered, Polychloroprene offers greater performance over Nitrile and is equal to or exceeds the desirable properties of Natural Rubber Latex without the concerns of latex allergy.

If you need extra protection against a variety of chemicals or looking for a more comfortable alternative, Polychloroprene gloves are the right choice.

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Polychloroprene Portfolio

Polychloroprene gloves represent the pinnacle of glove quality and comfort and are an excellent choice for those applications requiring strength and durability yet where comfort is important.

Our Polychloroprene gloves comply with the requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and European Commission Medical Device Directives MDD 93/42/EEC.


Surgeons are delighted with our Polychloroprene surgical gloves for their latex-like feel, ease of damp/wet donning and ultra-low modulus for extra comfort.  Double gloving is not a problem – our unique surface treatment allows for effortless double gloving yet provides a slip-free surface for better control and dexterity.

Available in Extra Sensitive, Standard or Premium, Medisafe Chloroprene surgical gloves offer a full range for a variety of procedures from orthopaedics to ophthalmology and everything in between.  Made with 100% synthetic materials, Chloroprene is a cost-effective solution for latex-free environments.

Medisafe Surgical gloves pass ASTM F1671 Standard Test Method for Resistance of Materials Used in Protective Clothing to Penetration by Blood Borne Pathogens. 


Our Chloroprene Surgical gloves are perfect for:

  • Hospitals                                       
  • Clinics                   
  • Physician Offices                                       
  • Ambulatory/Outpatient Surgery Centers
  • Dental/Oral and Implant Surgery                              
  • Veterinarians
  • Pharmaceutical/Electronic Manufacturers

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Healthcare professionals face potential exposure to many hazardous substances in the  workplace from blood borne pathogens, chemicals and chemotherapeutic agents every day.  Polychloroprene gloves with excellent chemical resistance, strength and durability are on duty to protect healthcare workers from the risks they see and the ones they don’t.  


Polychloroprene is an excellent glove choice for:

  • Dentists/Hygenists
  • Emergency Medical Services/First Responders
  • Laboratories
  • High Risk
  • Oncology Centers

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Polychloroprene gloves stand up to the rigorous demands of the industrial markets where durability and strength are paramount. Available in a variety of styles, weights and thicknesses to meet the most challenging requirements for worker and product protection, Chloroprene is ideally suited for environments where toxic chemicals are present or when extended wear comfort is important. 


Polychloroprene can handle the toughest of jobs and the most delicate ones in:

  • Pharmaceutical, Electronic and Semiconductor Manufacturing  
  • Food Handling and Processing
  • Automotive/Auto Body 
  • Industrial Safety
  • Maintenance/Janitorial
  • Chemical Protection (incidental contact)
  • Law Enforcement/Security

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Quality Standards

 Our Polychloroprene gloves conform to these international standards:

  • International:  ISO 13485, ISO 10993
  • United States: ASTM D3577,  ASTM D6977
  • EU:  EN 455 *

In addition, many of our Polychloroprene gloves have undergone additional advanced testing * :

  • Viral Permeation for Resistance to Blood Borne Pathogens (ASTM F1671)
  • Endotoxin Levels (EN 455-3)
  • Chemical Permeation Resistance to Industrial Chemicals (EN374-3 and ASTM F739)
  • Permeation Resistance to Cytotoxic Chemotherapy Drugs (ASTM D6978)
  • Mechanical Properties (EN 388)

Our gloves are certified Kosher and Halal and meet the strict manufacturing standards set for these certifications.

* Select gloves. Please contact our Sales Specialists for details.

Whether your need is for a medical or industrial Polychloroprene glove, we have the right glove for you. 
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