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Our Innovation

The Industry’s Most Innovative Manufacturer

At Medisafe we understand being a world class manufacturer of disposable glove solutions is a full-time job.   Solutions require a proactive approach to innovation. As your needs change, we are already there with the next generation medical, surgical and industrial disposable gloves that outpace the markets we serve.  Becoming our industry’s innovation leader is not only our goal but our passion.

Product and Polymer Innovation

We have a rich history of process, product and polymer innovations.  We are a pioneer of the Chloroprene polymer and the only Asian manufacturer to hold a current U.S. glove patent for our powder-free Chloroprene exam gloves.

Product and Polymer Innovation


Our unique, proprietary Chloroprene formulation provides:

  • Excellent comfort, softness and strength –our customers tell us once worn no other glove measures up
  • Greater chemical resistance than Nitrile for most acids, bases, alcohols and solvents, among others   
  • Exceptional barrier protection for the medical exam, surgical and industrial markets 

But we don’t stop here.  To address comfort and cost concerns, we are focused on thin-film technology, creating lighter weight Chloroprene and Nitrile disposable gloves without compromising strength, comfort or, most importantly, the level of protection.  

From our low weight Nitrile to thinner Chloroprene, we are committed to providing cost-effective glove solutions with an unwavering quality for the most important reason, Safeguarding Lives.

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Learn more about Chloroprene and why it is an ideal choice for most medical and industrial applications. learn-more

Technology Innovation

Innovation doesn’t end with our products.  In order to be world class we have to exceed your expectations for quality, consistency, delivery and cost effectiveness, every day.  This requires a substantial resource investment into production automation and our information technology infrastructure to improve efficiencies and provide real-time intelligence for quicker decision making.


We have invested heavily in our technology backbone to ensure we are on the leading edge for today and the future.  Our business processes are fully integrated through a state-of-the-art Oracle ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, providing a comprehensive 3600 view for management anywhere, anytime, for quicker and informed decision making.


Our technology enhancements are focused on perfecting our customer’s experience with us through:

  • Streamlining planning, inventory control and back-office functions
  • Fully automating our systems for: Improved sales forecasting
  • Protected customer access to real-time information
  • Shorter delivery times and better on-time deliveries
  • Greater security for confidential customer data


Glove manufacturing is a labor intensive business – production automation is essential to reduce overall production and operational costs and remain competitive.  To be world class we must employ the latest in production, packaging and product handling technologies to reduce redundancy, increase productivity and improve quality.

To that end, we continually invest in best-in-class technologies for our manufacturing processes and systems.


Our investments include:

  • Proprietary line design for increased efficiency
  • Automated stripping process to improve quality
  • RFID automation for better monitoring of dipping lines
  • Ongoing equipment upgrades for greater productivity

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and follower."

- Steve Jobs,


Apple, Inc.