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Medisafe Achieves Top Environmental Honors

Medisafe is pleased to inform that in October 2014 it has been awarded the highest possible environmental ranking within Indonesia by the Ministry for Industry, Government of Indonesia for its glove manufacturing facility in Medan, Indonesia.  

Medisafe achieved a Level 5 rating, on the Government’s Green Level Industry rating system.  Through a comprehensive on-site audit, the system tracks a number of important environmental variables as it relates to a facility, including:

  • Effective use of renewable energy;
  • Advancement of manufacturing technologies utilized;
  • Efficiency in energy utilization;
  • Recycling levels and use of waste heat;
  • Overall pollutant levels, including both air and water; and
  • Worker health and safety, and facility accident record;

CEO Deepak Bang notes, “We take our environmental responsibilities extremely seriously, and strive to be best-in-class within Indonesia, and indeed within Southeast Asia.  The conferring of this award validates our approach to environmental conservation and is an extension of our comprehensive framework on Corporate Social Responsibility, wherein we focus not just on our Environment, but also on our Employees and the greater Community at large.”

Notes Chief Operating Officer, RR Kanungo, “Last year was the first year we got audited, and we received an impressive score of 4 out of 5.  I am pleased to see that this year, our team has improved even further to obtain a score of 5, the highest possible rating.  Less than 5% of companies within Indonesia receive this grade, which underscores Medisafe’s manufacturing ethos and the calibre of our operations.  The rating also dovetails with the inauguration of our Glove Plant 5, which operates at extremely high levels of efficiency.  We have also this year adopted a number of innovative technologies like rain-water harvesting and the recapturing of waste-heat, which has undoubtedly factored into the MOE’s evaluation of our green credentials.”


About Medisafe Technologies

Medisafe is Indonesia’s largest manufacture of synthetic disposable gloves.  With a portfolio that spans Exam, Industrial and Surgical gloves, Medisafe supplies to the world’s largest and most discerning customers of disposable gloves.  The Company produces a variety of polymers, including Nitrile, Isoprene, and Chloroprene.  Chloroprene disposable gloves are made from a proprietary and patented formulation that has resulted in our claim of the producing the world’s softest and most comfortable disposable glove.  Medisafe is owned by Indorama (www.indorama.com), one of Southeast Asia’s most respected multi-national companies.