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Lohia Foundation to Build Homes in Earthquake-Torn Nepal

May 2015 — The Founder and Chairman of Medisafe’s corporate parent, Indorama, has committed funds to rebuild 200 homes in quake-ravished villages in Nepal through his philanthropic arm, the Lohia Foundation.

Mr. SP Lohia joins another non-resident Indian (NRI), Mukesh Kumar Sehgal, in efforts to collectively build an estimated 1,200 quake-resistant homes. Mr. Lohia met with Nepal’s acting Ambassador to Britain, Tej Bahadur Chetti, in London to personally convey the pledge.

The number of houses destroyed in quake-hit Nepal is over 160,000, nearly twice the number of households wrecked in the 1934′s deadly temblor that had till recently, been the country’s worst disaster of all times.

The 7.9 magnitude earthquake has at last count killed at least 7,500 people, injured more than 14,500, and displaced over 250,000, making the temblor the country’s worst in over eight decades and one of the deadliest on a global scale. Nepal will be particularly hard-hit by the incident, considering the small Himalayan country is among the poorest in the world with little infrastructure and budgetary means to support the massive rebuilding that is required.

On a separate but related matter, Medisafe is donating millions of gloves for the thousands of people still requiring medical care and to protect the healthcare workers caring for them.