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Why Choose Medisafe

We Know You Have a Choice. Let us Highlight the Medisafe Way

One Stop Sourcing

  • One of the few global disposable glove manufacturers to offer collectively – Nitrile, Polychloroprene and Isoprene
  • Our customers value the product variety and convenience that comes from a combined sourcing approach
  • Our customers save time and transaction costs through lower inventories, fewer purchase orders and shipment consolidation across multiple polymers

Industry Leading Quality Standards

  • We are ISO 13485 and EN 46002 certified.  We were also the first disposable glove manufacturer in Indonesia to achieve each of these certifications
  • We deliver consistent quality shipment after shipment.  What you see as samples is what you get as finished product, simple as that.  Our consistency and quality is the reason why we have been supplying to the world’s leading disposable glove suppliers for over 25 years
  • We ship the majority of our disposable glove products to the US, the country that has the world’s toughest medical device regulatory standards and oversight.  We are proud of our FDA track record which is among the best in the industry

World Class R&D and Product Innovation

  • We view gloves as more than a commodity – we invest considerable time and financial resources in new product design, continuous innovation and next generation polymer technology
  • We are the only Asian manufacturer to hold a current US patent for Polymer technology
  • Despite having a number of “firsts” we are not content to rest on our laurels. Medisafe has a world class, highly qualified R&D team actively working alongside our customers to identify and develop the next generation of polymer technologies and products

Servicing of Multiple Industries and Markets

  • Our product offering is diversified and caters to a variety of Medical and Industrial glove applications
  • We offer Medical exam and sterile Surgical gloves for hospital, physician, EMS, dental, veterinary and pharmaceutical customers
  • We also provide Medical and Industrial-grade gloves for other end-markets such as chemical protection, laboratory, janitorial, tattoo, salon and automotive markets
  • Whatever your need, we probably have a glove that fits…or let us develop something new just for you

Proprietary Synthetic Formulation – Polychloroprene

  • Our unique Polychloroprene glove formulation provides an advanced synthetic alternative to Nitrile
  • Chloroprene raw material is much less volatile than Nitrile or Natural Rubber – this means longer term price protection and less margin risk for you
  • In an increasingly crowded Nitrile market, Chloroprene offers a way to differentiate you.  Simply put, Polychloroprene is the best glove we make, and it’s available in Exam, Industrial and Surgical styles

Got you interested?  Good!  Find out more about this extremely unique polymer by clicking here.

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