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Focus on CSR

Medisafe is Passionate about its People, its Community and its Environment

At Medisafe “CSR” is not just a catch-phrase – it’s a corporate commitment from the top to preserve and protect our precious resources, improve our community and enhance the lives of our employees.  Our responsibilities to our constituents are woven within our culture.  Simply put, our goal is to be the World’s Most Admired Manufacturer of Disposable Glove Solutions. We continuously look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint through proactive green environmental practices.  To this end, we are proud to highlight:

  • Over 98% of our energy use is fueled by renewable biomass sources greatly reducing dependency on fossil fuels and natural gas
  • Waste heat from our boilers runs our HVAC system and chillers
  • On-site water treatment plant ensures our effluents are safe for discharge without harm to the environment or our community
  • Awarded the highest level 5 for Go Green Industry compliance by the Ministry of Industry, Government of Indonesia
  • Achieved ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification demonstrating our commitment to reducing our environmental impact globally
  • OHSAS 18001 (ISO 18001) Occupational Health and Safety certification providing the best possible working conditions for our employees

Today our efforts yield gloves produced with very low carbon emissions – our goal for tomorrow, even less. Moreover, the “Social” part of our CSR philosophy is not lost on us.  We strive to be good community citizens and leaders and are pleased to be involved in these activities.

  • Philanthropy. We have donated over three million gloves in Haiti, Chile and Japan to assist aid workers addressing the aftermaths of natural disasters
  • Infrastructure. We have repaved the roads and rebuilt surrounding drainage and infrastructure for residents of our municipality
  • Education. We sponsor scholarships at local schools as well as donate funds to purchase desks, chairs and textbooks so that the children of our community have the opportunity to learn
  • IT. Medisafe is a frequent donator of technology and IT infrastructure to local institutions and municipal offices

Our efforts don’t stop within our borders. We embrace our tradition of giving back to our employees and our local and global communities  – today and for the future.  

A good company delivers excellent products and services, and a great company does all that and strives to make the world a better place."

- William Ford Jr.,


Ford Motor Co.